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SINCE  1975


born of necessity

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I bought my first Triumph TR5 PI, a 1968 model, in 1975. This was the first British sports car to be  fitted with the Lucas mechanical injection system, as standard. However, the problem was that very few mechanics were able to master this system, resulting in this injection system  having a  bad reputation. Therefore I, as a PI-owner, was forced to solve my own problems and get really engrossed in this system. In the beginning, most of the problems could be solved by mounting new O-rings on the inserts but unfortunately this proved to be only a temporary solution. The next step was to dismantle the injector and the insert itself in order to restore the whole thing. During the following years I, experimented, developed and improved the insert to my specifications. I was eventually able to fit the inserts with completely new parts that I had developed and made to my own specifications that were to a higher standard. Finally, and owing to the improvements that I had made, including a functional adjustment system, many PI-owners soon came to appreciate my injectors and word soon spread!

During this period I was also asked if I could restore mechanical Maserati injectors from around the sixties and seventies. I found out that these Maserati injectors worked on the same principle as the Triumph injectors.  As soon as I discovered that these injectors were in great demand, I decided to  also start producing Maserati injectors to my own specification.

In the meantime, the Ferrari owners of the Ferrari model that were  fitted with this Lucas mechanical injection system, heard  about my injectors. This eventually resulted in me being able to deliver inserts for this type of Ferrari injector.

Many more car models have been fitted with the Lucas mechanical injection system and these injection systems are especially appreciated in the racing car world. Over the years they have been used by Ferrari, Lola, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Cosworth, Triumph, Maserati and many more.

This is due to the fact that this system delivers a huge boost in power and speed without being too expensive. This system is also simple and trustworthy.

Of course, we must not forget the fact that, besides Lucas and Bosch, hardly any other firm could deliver or produce an injection system like this, let alone the same quality. Nowadays, mechanical injection systems are considered old fashioned and have been replaced by electrically activated systems. Few people stop to think that it all began with the experimental Lucas mechanical injection system that functions so beautifully under the bonnets of our greatly loved classic cars.

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